The quote by Gregory D. Roberts – ‘Food is Music to the body, and music is food to the heart’, sums it up quite nicely. Music is a universal need and language. Not just for restaurants but for cultures and people all around the world. Stories and songs have been used to preserve age-old traditions. Music is now incorporated into modern medicine. The health benefits of music have been proven to promote health, improve mood and relieve stress. As you go about your daily life you will notice how especially consumer goods stores and companies use music to set the mood. Research has been done to see if music has any influence on the consumer. Can it actually stimulate, influence or manipulate a consumer to behave in a certain way? Further research is still been conducted on the extent that music can influence food and how it tastes. So now you know we are talking about a very powerful element, even more, powerful than the nuclear bomb.

Will It Cost To Create This Ambience?

Creating the ambience of a restaurant is an important aspect of a restaurant. And background music in the restaurant is rated as the most crucial and most important element. The food, drink, decor and service are not complete with music. Music ties these elements together and puts rhythm to this dance of food and art. Creating this ambience will cost you on average about $20 per month. If you would like to play music in your restaurant and not get into any trouble legally, then you will have to pay for it. This is because of copyright laws. That means that you cannot play music from a CD or that you have downloaded (legally of course) or from a subscription service. This music is meant for personal use, and cannot be used in a restaurant or public setting without a licence. The organisations who collect revenue on behalf of artists are BMI, ASCAP, SESAC and GMR. Music is an industry all on its own, and you may find that some copyrights on some songs are held by many artists/ parties. It better to err on the side of caution and get all 4 licences and be covered for such situations.

Create Your Own Music

Propellerhead Software is the brainchild of Marcus Zetterquist, Ernst Nathorst-Böös and Peter Jubel. This one of a kind company was launched in 1994. These founders all hold prominent positions in the company to date. The revolutionary software was created to allow the user to create music or sounds with ease. ReCycle was their first release, a sample loop editor, basically, it changes the tempo without changing the pitch of the music/ song. Now you can make your own music and sounds for your restaurant. Whether you want to remix or create new songs and music creating music at is now easy. With an amazing range of products that will meet any need in creating, composing, mixing and editing the music or sound that you make. Here is the best thing about its products, you do not need to be a music director or genius to make a tract. ‘Weval’ a Dutch electronic group uses Reason from Propellerhead to produce their award-winning music.

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