So, you have been talking to someone you like, whether on dating apps or in person, and you have decided to meet and get to know each other better. Everything is going so smoothly, and then it hits you; you do not know what the right restaurant will be for your first date. This is a common problem, especially with the many options available. Here are tips on choosing restaurants for first dates.

Go For Quiet and Not Too Busy

It is your first date. You want to speak with each other and not have to shout to hear what you are saying. Choose a restaurant that has a good ambience and seats only a few people. This way, you will get to enjoy not only the food but also have an opportunity to really know each other. There is always the temptation to go for a busy and highly rated restaurant, but this means you might have to wait too long to be seated.

Get the Ambience Right

When making a reservation for the first date, go through the photos of potential restaurants and pay attention to the ambience. Avoid anything too dark, as it could end up giving you a need for intimacy that you are not ready for. You should also not choose too bright so that it ends up feeling like a job interview.

Look at the Menu

Go for a restaurant that serves foods that are ‘safe’ to eat on a first date. Imagine the horror of ordering a slurpy spaghetti meal and leaving with your clothes all messy. That is why it is advisable to scrutinize the menu and go for one with a variety of choices. If you are the one picking, make sure you have consulted with your date about allergies, likes, dislikes and the general appropriateness of the restaurant.

The important thing is to understand each other’s likes and find a place that will provide good food and good memories.

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