Whether one is gambling locally or whether they are making a vacation of it, this specific form of entertainment also requires one to come up for air to enjoy dining out. All casinos offer both buffet and high-end restaurants so that patrons don’t have to leave the premises. The objective is to keep customers playing longer of course!

Dining Choices in Las Vegas

There are all- you-can-eat buffet style restaurants as well as upscale restaurants on the premises. In addition, there are many diverse restaurants on the Las Vegas strip. There is never a shortage of food where there are casinos. You can be sure to be well- fed while you are enjoying the excitement of playing blackjack and other casino games. Having a great dining experience combined with lady luck makes for a wonderful mini-vacation!

Before President Trump became president, as we all know, he was a high-end businessman and the owner of several casinos. There was one in Atlantic City in particular that had a lovely restaurant that he named after his then-wife, Ivana. The restaurant was appropriately called Ivana’s and it certainly was just as classy as the lady herself, the hotel, and the casino.

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