With fine dining, wine is usually a great compliment. To be able to enjoy the best of wines at winery restaurants that are rated the best in the world is something that all those who love wine and excellent cuisine will aspire to. Both in Canada and the U.S., there are areas that are considered to be the best when it comes to wine. These include both the Niagara region of Ontario, Canada and Napa Valley in California. For those who live near these areas, it is a skip and a jump to experience what others will cross oceans to see and to experience. These areas, both in Canada and the U.S. can be referred to as the best when it comes to tourists coming from all over the world to see where these wines are actually made, to go for wine tours through the vineyards and the buildings, to sample the wines, and to spend time in the area, including the tantalizing experience of having your favorite wine at one of the high-end winery restaurants. Ice wine is one of the wines that Canada is famous for and, at the time of year when it is harvested, it is a time that draws many tourists to visit.

The Top 20 Winery Restaurants

There are many outstanding wine regions across the world and with wine goes fine dining. The top 20 winery restaurants in the world are also well documented. Some of these locations are in Canada, the USA, Argentina, France, Italy, Portugal, Australia, Spain, South Africa, Austria, Australia, and New Zealand. Each of these wineries is unique, as is their location and their cuisine. The dining experience, combined with wine tasting and being in an atmosphere that stimulates all the senses, is the ultimate dining experience for so many. With every winery is also a recommendation of what wine will best accompany their fabulous cuisine. For people who are able to travel extensively, a goal for many wine lovers would be to attend each and every one of these winery restaurants in their lifetime.

The Total Experience

Weddings are often held at exotic winery restaurants where the entire wedding party and guests are able to experience a dream of a lifetime. The winery business has greatly expanded in the 21st century. So many tourists now plan their vacations around fine wineries, their accommodation, and their fabulous restaurants. The wine industry is a big business on an international scale, so much so that there are those who taste wine for a living. For these select few, it also means dining out at all the very best of the best when it comes to winery restaurants.

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