Restaurants are so important on a global scale that the top 50 restaurants in the world are formally recognized. Several of these restaurants happen to be located in the U.S., while others are located all over the globe.

The Best of the Best Restaurants

Of the top 50 restaurants in the world, 6 are in the U.S. A., while 43 can be found around the world located throughout Europe and the Orient as well as other exotic spots.

Suffice it to say that to be able to dine in one of the world’s top 50 restaurants would be both an honor and a dream come true. For some, restaurant dining is a very important part of their culture and of their lives.

Many of these restaurants (if not most of them) are family owned and they have perfected their own ethnic cuisine both in taste and presentation in order to deserve a rating of this magnitude. There are also ten specific awards associated with the top restaurants in the world and they include The Diner’s Club Lifetime Achievement Award, 2017, The World’s Best Female Chef Award, 2017, The Ferrari Trento Art of Hospitality Award 2017 and Continental Restaurant Award, to name a few. The prestige involved with these awards is certainly an indication of precision, excellence, hard work, and vast experience in the restaurant industry. Further information on how the voting takes place can be found at the link above.

What Constitutes the Best Restaurant?

For some, to dine in one of the world’s 50 top restaurants would be the definition of having arrived in an ultimate way when it comes to culinary experience. For others, their best restaurant may not necessarily be on this list, but rather on the list of the top 5 restaurants with the best scenery. These restaurants not only have excellent cuisine, but they also boast the best ambiance in the world. Among these locations include California: the USA which also has one of the world’s most well-renowned wine cellars, Paris: with full view of the magnificent Eiffel tower and delectable French cuisine, Tanzania: located on the rim of a former volcano featuring alfresco dining and an epic African landscape. Also featured is Thailand featuring the world’s highest rooftop restaurant overlooking the Thai landscape by 820 feet. It is no wonder that this location is one that is frequented by many celebrities.

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