The success of a new restaurant will largely depend on how the interior spaces are decorated. There are several important things that all managers need to bear in mind when choosing the right décor. First and foremost it should have mass appeal. The main goal of a restaurant is to attract as many patrons as possible. Therefore the design style should be fairly popular and not too niche.

Consistency is another key aspect of restaurant decorations. Once the manager has come up with the right theme they need to base all of their future choices on it. This theme will end up becoming synonymous with the brand identity of the eatery.

It is a good idea to purchase wall art to decorate the restaurant. The best site to purchase this from is Dear Sam. Their catalogue provides a wide selection of high quality posters.

Art Deco

If the restaurant needs to have a classy style then art deco is the ideal type of poster to go for. This art form became very popular from the 1920s onwards. It continues to exude vintage and opulent vibes. Establishments that have art deco posters are sure to attract a clientele who want upscale and trendy services. It is therefore recommended for the poshest of restaurants.

Kids Posters

Dear Sam will also cater to businesses that want to bring the whole family into their eatery. If they decorate with posters that are specifically aimed at kids it can help to entice these kinds of customers. This could include cute and cartoonish pictures of animals. The best poster choice will depend on the exact age of the restaurant’s target market.


It has become increasingly popular for eateries to have a focus on serving wine. In fact, people will often favour a restaurant because of the vintages that are on offer. In order to create a wine bar ambiance it is useful to place relevant posters on the walls. For example, the wall art could be maps of famous wine regions.

Recycled Posters

There has been a recent trend in ethical eating that has spread to restaurants. Patrons will often want to know that the eateries they go to have green policies. One good way of appeasing these customers is by only utilising posters that have been recycled. Dear Sam sells several eye catching ones that would be perfect for this purpose.

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