Because we live in a diverse society with people from almost every nation living in North America, it stands to reason that there are many types of European, Asian, Middle Eastern, Indian, African, and Mexican restaurants as well as fare from England, Scotland, Ireland, to name a few. Just name the nationality, and there exists a restaurant offering their traditional cuisine.

Asian Restaurants

Oriental food has long been a long-time favorite in North America including Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai, and Japanese. It is common knowledge that foods served from these countries in North America are not quite the same as the fare they consume in their own countries or at home, but it is similar. Patrons will come back for it again and again. There is a large Chinese food restaurant chain called The Mandarin that is very popular and boasts one of the largest and best buffets in Oriental food. They offer North American food as well and their menu also includes a la carte items. This restaurant is well known to be the place of choice to go for large group celebrations. The staff is mostly Oriental and their ambience is very friendly and pleasant.

European Restaurants

Some of the most delicious foods can be found in smaller, quaint European restaurants. Most of them are family-owned with delicious homemade cuisine. These include Italian, German, Croatian, Hungarian, Ukranian, Slovac, Greek, and Portuguese, to name a few. These dining establishments have décor reminiscent of their homeland, and the food is usually SO delicious that one finds themselves going back for more. Sometimes large platters are served as opposed to single portions. The family-owned European restaurant serves more authentic cuisine than do their large chain counterparts. European restaurants are definitely at the top of the delicious list!

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