Music and Food – The Perfect Combination

Some restaurants specialize in more than just the excellence of the dining experience, but something to satisfy the taste for entertainment also. In some restaurants, there will be a singer gently strumming a guitar very discreetly in the background, an impressive string quartet, and occasionally a full band playing your favorite tunes while you enjoy your meal. It makes for an especially enjoyable evening out on the town when one can enjoy not only good food and good company but their favorite music at the same time.

The European Cuisine Experience

Some Hungarian restaurants offer homemade cuisine served by waitresses in native costume in addition to having Hungarian violinists direct from Hungary to serenade patrons at their tables. What a lovely, romantic way to spend a special occasion, by having a Hungarian gypsy play a love song and serenade you right beside your table!

Another type of restaurant, located in the Toronto area, offers Thai cuisine that includes a top North American day spa located in an adjoining historical building owned by the restaurant. This unique restaurant is a place where you can not only enjoy delicious authentic Thai cuisine lovingly prepared by award-winning chefs direct from Thailand, but you will also be surrounded in a traditional atmosphere where the décor includes artifacts imported directly from Thailand, even the teak floors. In addition, before going for dinner, you are invited to one of their guest rooms where you can change and then enjoy a professional massage for two in the spa. You then return to the guest room to dress for dinner. What a way to unwind before enjoying delectable Thai cuisine.

The Unique Dining Experience

Another unique restaurant experience is the one where they offer Murder Mystery themes. This type of restaurant experience is one that goes by schedule. You arrive at a specified time to enjoy a before dinner cocktail, a delicious 4-course meal, and then be entertained by a full “play” in the restaurant by way of a murder mystery so that you, as an audience member, can be part of the excitement and try to figure out who the guilty party is. This type of dining experience is one where you can enjoy live “theatre” and the excitement of it happening live right in the restaurant. What a wonderful way to spend a fun-filled evening!

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