Buffet dining is loved by so many. All you can eat at a fixed price is a dream come true for many diners with a healthy appetite. Buffets are found in specialty restaurants such as The Mandarin, or at some European restaurants as well as others that specialize in just buffets. Some are located in a more formal atmosphere, while others are come as you are. Weddings are also gearing more towards buffet style meals at the reception.

Some buffets can be found in high-end hotels for breakfast and brunch (complete with custom omeletes complemented by orange juice and champagne). How nice to be pampered!

The Healthy Appetite Abounds

Buffets are a diner’s paradise, especially if you can go back for more. The negative side of buffet eating is the waste. To know that food is being thrown out in such large quantities is disturbing. At one time, buffet restaurants would donate their leftover food to homeless shelters or the food would be taken home by employees rather than thrown out. In the 21st century, where lawsuits abound, the rules have changed and most buffets will simply throw out the leftovers at the end of the night.

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